29 Mar 2021

28Mar21 Christian News Bulletin

Mission Network News reports that 50,000 Bibles and Christian books are on the way to South Sudan. The organisation Mission Cry collects donated resources like these and ships them to believers around the world. Executive Director Jason Woolford says two former Marines partnered with them to make the latest shipment possible.

According to The Christian Telegraph, the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association has begun a new partnership. They have joined with Groundwire an organisation with an extensive track record in successful digital strategies to reach people with the Gospel. Kevin Palau, president of the Palau Association, says that the partnership is committed to engaging millions of people through videos on social media. The goal is to open the door to online conversations about Jesus at the website JesusCares.com In the last six months, more than 38 million people have watched Groundwire’s videos online and 50,000 have made a decision to follow Jesus.

This year's global Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative will focus on church newcomers and people drifting from church. The prayer movement, across denominations, has a presence in 90% of the world’s countries. It will take place online from 13-23 May.