14 Mar 2021

14Mar21 Christian News Bulletin

Mission Network News reports that Tent Schools International have had success reaching out to Syrian refugees with schools in shipping containers. The customised truck will be able to reach refugee children anywhere in Lebanon. When it is not being used for school it will be used to teach trade skills to young adults. If the project goes well, TSI also hope to replicate this format in other countries. 

The $5 million CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe will bring life-changing surgery to children with disabilities. The Christian Telegraph reports that the hospital was recently completed by the Zimbabwe Orthopaedic Trust in partnership with the Zimbabwean government.. Professor Chris Lavy says that the work of this ministry will change the lives of children with disabilities. He says the ministry is already bringing new hope to hundreds of thousands of families, while also sharing the love of Christ. They provide medical care to children regardless of their economic means, ethnicity, gender, or religion. 

According to christianheadlines.com the version of "Amazing Grace" sung by Christian country singer Dolly Parton may become the official state hymn of Tennessee. Two lawmakers introduced a house bill in Tennessee's state legislature that would make the song the official song of the state. The purpose, according to the bill, is to " recognize songs of historic significance that have influenced" the state of Tennessee.