5 Nov 2015

Faith in a world where things go wrong

southernfm logo on whiteListen to Songs of Hope this Sunday 8 November to a talk by Rev Kevin Pedersen entitled "What does it mean to have faith in a world where things go wrong?" Broadcast time will be 7:30am. Also hear a prayer by Shakespeare at 8:10am, a special on Andre Crouch at 8:20am, and the story of Catholic priest Rob Galea at 8:40. The rest of the program is great Christian music.
7-8am Chris host
7:10am Our Daily Bread (1m)
7:30am Talk Rev Kevin Pedersen (15m)
8-9am Rod host
8:10am Prayer by Shakespeare
8:25am Christian music legend - Andre Crouch
8:40am Story - Rob Galea (Australia)

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