26 Mar 2017

26Mar17 Christian News Bulletin

New Life newspaper reports that church leaders representing 12 major denominations have written to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, calling for Australia to set a more compassionate direction for future foreign policy. The Church Leaders Statement on Foreign Policy is endorsed by signatories from the Adventist, Anglican, Apostolic, Baptist, Catholic, Chinese Methodist, Churches of Christ, Congregational, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and Uniting churches.

A 72-year-old man has been charged after a priest was stabbed in the neck in front of 100 parishioners at a church in Melbourne, Australia. Rev Tommy Kalathoor Matther needed urgent first aid from parishioners after an armed man entered the Italian-language service at St Matthew's Church and attacked him.

The Christian Post has reported on a review of The Shack by Roger E. Olsen, professor of Christian Theology of Ethics at Baylor University. "May I just say that I am very disappointed in some evangelical Christians' responses to both the book and the movie; in my opinion some of them are extremely shallow and dismissive," Olsen said in the review. He also criticized people who are complaining about the film without even seeing it, and pushed back against Calvinists that are offended by The Shack because it makes God visible. "Of course, I don't expect Calvinists to like the theology of the movie, but I do expect them to at least view it before talking about it," he wrote.