18 Dec 2013

What kind of a king is Jesus?

king by epSos.de on flickrLast Sunday 15 December 2013, Rev Kevin Pedersen spoke on the topic “What kind of king is Jesus?”. Included in his talk, towards the end, is the famous audio clip by S Lockridge describing Jesus and his kingship. Here is a podcast of that 17 minute segment, the most recent in our series “Words for Life”.

Audio 2013-12-15-KP-What-kind-of-king-is-Jesus.mp3

Click the play button for the audio or download. Play time is 17 minutes. This is the Lockeridge audio podcast:

Audio 2013-12-15-lockeridge-seven-way-king.mp3

Godspeak website: http://songsofhope883.blogspot.com.au

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